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Phil Rosette has five completed novels; the synopses for his latest two are below. 
Links are provided to the first chapter of each (pdf) and the Kindle version of each.   

Synopsis   The Freya Project,  2004Freya133 Joel Paynell knows how to kill, thanks to the U.S. Government and Vietnam.  In thirty years, the only thing that’s changed is who pays him. But this time, there's a nasty little problem; a witness.  Teleconferencing tech Michael Rowe sees something he wishes he hadn't. Then the pretty cop he confides in winds up dead too -- in his apartment. The stakes go higher when Michael learns who the first victim was, who paid for the killing, and why.
There is nowhere to run in cyberspace.  To clear himself of a growing list of victims, Michael embarks upon a deadly game of cat and mouse that blurs the lines between the hunter and the hunted, reality and the virtual world.
Through cloak and disguise, Paynell pursues Michael from Australia to the United States, to Canada, and back to Australia, all the while covering his tracks and pointing murderous evidence squarely at his prey, luring Michael into his web.
The Freya Project exposes the dark side of the internet while showcasing today’s technology, until, in the end, Paynell learns there is nowhere to hide in cyberspace.

Download Freya ProjectChapter One for free. Buy Now on KINDLE  $2.99

Synopsis   SEOUL LEGACY, THE ORPHAN’S FLU,  2009.SeoulLegacyFull133  A North Korean infant is kidnapped from the wife of Kim Jong-Il's favorite army captain.  The child is adopted in Seoul by unsuspecting wealthy Americans. Too late, the new parents and the world discover he has been infected with a human strain of bird flu.  Pandemic follows from Seoul to Seattle to Detroit, leaving hundreds dead, thousands sick, and millions quarantined.  Once the new American president learns the H5N1 strain has been weaponized, preparation begins for unparalleled reprisal against North Korea.  The world’s two largest armies are drawn to confrontation when China takes advantage of the chaos and invades Taiwan. As these events are unfolding, Homeland Security teams up with the Treasury Department to follow a 40-year-old trail that leads to an unholy alliance in the Philippines between a ruthless flesh trader and an al Qaeda splinter group called the Abu Sayyaf. These two stories of war, man against man, and man against disease, play out against the  backdrop of the 50 year Korean conflict. The press dubs it the Orphan’s Flu, and the CDC in Atlanta positively identifies Patient Zero.  It takes the U. S. Treasury Department to discover the Abu Sayyaf connection and their clever plan to ignite what they pray will become WWIII. 

Download Seoul Legacy Chapter One for free. Buy Now on KINDLE  $2.99

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