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Deadwood Background imageI have a blog going now, over on the Deadwood Writers Voices website, and I am having a lot of fun with it. I contribute a piece on the 23rd of most months, archives available here. My blogs are usually about the art of writing good suspense, but I will get on my stump when the cause moves me. If you would like to be added to my mailing list, let me know.

Deadwood Writers is not just an online blog site, we meet the first and third Wednesday of each month at Barnes & Noble, 17111 Haggerty Road, Northville, MI (directions) from 7pm to 9pm. We’re usually a group of about a dozen, but some nights we’ve had twenty or more show up. Usually, we have time for three or four readers and we openly critique their pieces during the meeting. If you would like to join, we would love to have you! The group only requires that you attend two meetings before being added to the mailing list. Open to all ages and all genres, some of our stuff is above PG-13 but we do have teenage members who read from time to time.

The new novel, BROKEN STRING is done and dusted! Now, the search is on for an Agent who can take it into a major publishing house. I Read a lot about cancer while researching for this novel. BROKEN STRING is about a woman who loves two men and gets knocked down by cancer. There is so much new and promising in this research that it was hard to keep up at first, but it got easier with time as reality caught up with fiction.

Thanks for stopping by!

Here’s the synopsis of my first two novels You can download their first chapters for free.

Mouse around the site and you will find a few short stories I’ve written over the years and some other, nonfiction, stuff that is mostly about famous, dead authors. I also own and operate the antiquarian bookstore Birchwood Books. Strictly online, Birchwood has over one thousand customers around the world now.

IIf you would like to order my novels, thanks in advance!  Ordering information is available through Countinghouse Press and Amazon.com.  Signed or personally inscribed copies upon request

 If you are interested in booking me for Joker and Gracie, circ 2012 your book club, please  Contact Me.   Phone and videophone interviews and personal appearances can be arranged. There is no charge, just cover my out of pocket if I need to travel.   

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Review’s & Reader’s Comments ...
"Phil Rosette sets global gears churning with his exquisitely drawn scenario of breathtaking intrigue. The cast of characters is vast in this culturally convincing and insightful thriller. Outstanding books build like tsunamis, and Seoul Legacy travels at Force 5 speed."
Thomas Sullivan, THE WATER WOLF

“Phil Rosette’s Seoul Legacy is a frightening, plausible page-turner. The only thing more terrifying than the story he weaves is the possibility that it may be true.”
Frank Wydra, THE CURE
“Book filled with intrigue, dotted with local culture.”
Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press
“...THE FREYA PROJECT is cutting-edge drama, as state-of-the-art as this morning technology report, with the gut-ripping power of a story told among cavemen around an open fire.  Get used to him now; he’s going to be around a long time.  Loren D. Estleman, MOTOWN, THE CONFESSIONS OF AL CAPONE, VALINTINO: FILM DETECTIVE, etc
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